Slip and Fall Prevention

Slips and falls are the most common causes of injuries on the job.  As such, their prevention deserves a fresh look from time to time.   
The most effective strategy for reducing the number of slips and falls is good housekeeping.  Good housekeeping is more than a good appearance – it is keeping everything where it belongs and not allowing anything to be where it does not belong.  This is especially true of tools, cords, water, ice, oil, books, pencils, hand trucks, and carts, etc.  When any of these items are left where they do not belong, like in a walking aisle, someone can slip, trip, fall, and suffer potential injury.  A good safety rule is that if you drop it, pick it up – now.  Don’t wait.  If you are finished with it, put it away.

The second strategy is based on the understanding that everyone in the organization is responsible for the safety of self and co-workers.  If you find a potential slip and fall condition that can be corrected immediately, correct it.  If not, warn your fellow employees by posting signs while someone gets help.

Use good equipment arrangement and placement of material.  Don’t overload anything that can be transported. Overloading makes material harder to transport but easier to dump.

When you are using a cart, make sure the wheels are in good shape and watch where you are going.  Check the floor for obstructions.  

Wear safe footwear – the right type of soles, with low heels.  Keep non–slip floor mats in traffic areas and constantly wet areas to provide better traction.

Walk, don’t run.  Never make a sudden direction change on a slippery surface.

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