Selecting the Right Bus for your Church

Which van is right for your passengers and your organization?

Associates from Glatfelter discuss bus maintenance and operation procedures with Church Executive.

When it comes to purchasing a bus for your religious organization, we know that safety is a top priority. Different buses are ideal for different situations, for example: will your bus be utilized for picking up preschoolers or elderly members?  Make sure you consider these factors, as well as the condition of the bus and the construction of the bus, before making your investment.

After purchasing your bus, it’s important to be diligent in regards to instating driver requirements and maintenance:

“If a vehicle has 16 passengers or more, or 26,000 pounds — a bus typically is 16-passenger or more — the individual must have a Commercial Driver’s License or CDL. That’s a real positive, from our [insurance] perspective, because not only have those drivers demonstrated knowledge of that bus, they must have a passenger endorsement on it.” – Scott Harkins, Senior Vice President of Risk Control Services at Glatfelter Insurance Group.

“The biggest issue that we see isn’t a maintenance issue; it’s a lack of doing the maintenance. It’s important that somebody is assigned to the role. They don’t necessarily have to be called a ‘fleet manager,’ but there should be somebody who assumes that role, where they’re responsible for making sure every one of their vehicles — buses included — are getting the manufacturer-recommended preventative maintenance, at a minimum. This should also be the person who handles any work orders or issues that are found during the driver’s pre- or post-trip inspection.” – Shawn Yingling, President of Glatfelter Ministry Care.

To read more, including pitfalls to avoid and regulations to consider, visit:

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