Property Management

Fire, weather and other risks pose a threat to your organization’s property. Here are tips on keeping your property safe.

Water Damage Mitigation

Water damage from burst pipes, overflowing sinks, windblown rain penetration, and street f...


Pipe Freeze

Cold weather brings on the risk of pipes freezing, which could lead to significant propert...


Preparing Buildings For Winter Weather

Winter weather imposes a significant threat to buildings and associated properties. The ne...


Self-Inspection Form - Building and Grounds

Periodic inspection of your organization’s buildings and grounds can alert you and your ma...


Fire Safety for Commercial Kitchens

When cooking systems are unprotected, damage from an uncontrolled fire could spread to oth...


Roof Assessment

Your facility’s roof is an important area where you can control risk simply by conducting ...


Cold Weather and Broken Water Pipes

Organizations that do not have daily occupancy, or someone routinely checking on all prope...


Playground Inspection Checklist

This bulletin outlines some areas of consideration when providing public playgrounds in th...


Risk Management Controls for Water Hazards

This communication provides some risk management techniques to help landowners lessen liab...


Sprinkler Fire System Maintenance and Testing

The following provides a summary of sprinkler maintenance and testing considerations.


Wildfire Mitigation and Structure Hardening

Take these actions on a regular basis to help reduce the risk of ignition on or around you...


HSB Efficiency First - Reduce Losses and Save Energy

This external resource provides valuable tools for helping you reduce losses, save money, ...


Playground Safety Rules

Safe playground equipment and adult supervision are extremely important, but it’s only hal...


Playground Surface Material Selection

A summary of the CPSC comments regarding various categories of playground surfacing materi...


Rental Agreements

Many organizations have social halls, picnic pavilions, meeting rooms and other facilities...


Sample Facility Use Agreement

Use this template for creating your own facility use agreement when renting out organizati...


Fitness Center Use

Many faith based organizations promote wellness in a variety of ways such as health screen...


Hail Damage Prevention Guide

Storm related hail damage occurs yearly throughout the country. The net result could rende...


Inflatable Amusement Rides

Injuries with inflatable amusement rides may result from improper operation, anchoring and...


Carbon Monoxide Exposure

Carbon monoxide is an invisible, odorless and tasteless gas that can cause severe illness....


Lightning Protection Guide

Not only can the heat generated from a lightning strike start a building fire, but the acc...

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