Frequently Asked Questions

  • What faiths does Glatfelter insure?

    Glatfelter proudly serves a wide variety of beliefs, including Christian (denominational and non-denominational, Jewish, Islamic, and Hindu. We have marketing materials specifically designed for each faith.

  • What size and type of religious organizations does Glatfelter insure?

    You might know Glatfelter for writing large, complex risks –like mega churches–but we've recently updated our program! We can still write those rock walls, fitness centers and extra-large congregations–but we've used our experience in this space to launch a new program designed to encompass all of the modern and traditional needs of religious organizations of all sizes! We can also write other types of faith-based risks, including communities that do not have a physical meeting location.

  • Where is your program available?

    Our program is available in all states except Hawaii.

  • Why should I choose Glatfelter as a managing general agent vs a general insurance carrier to write my religious accounts?

    At Glatfelter, we have sales, underwriting, claims and risk management associates dedicated to serving faith-based organizations every day. Your clients will have products and resources that are specifically designed around their daily operations and the unique situations they may not have thought about.

  • How much premium do I need to sell to work with Glatfelter?

    Just looking to write your home church? Let's do it! Unlike most other faith-based insurers, we're here to write big books of business and one-off accounts.

  • Why do agents choose to specialize in the religious market?

    Most agents start by writing their own church and then the church down the street, and so on. Once they realize the high retention rates of religious organizations (less than 10% carrier replacement), the opportunity to round-out accounts (Workers' Comp, missionary travel and more) and the availability (with roughly 350,000 religious congregations in the U.S.)–they're hooked.

    Serving religious organizations also provides networking opportunities within their local communities and with board members of religious organizations–who are often business owners with other commercial and personal insurance needs.

  • How can I specialize in the religious market?

    We value our agent partners and we're here to teach you! We'll educate you on the industry, give you access to specialized sales and underwriting associates, provide you with resources and help you to win and retain business.

    You could even become a part of our Most Valuable Producer (MVP) loyalty program and get co-branded marketing materials, advertising, advanced access to programs and an invitation to our annual conference!

  • How big is Glatfelter?

    At Glatfelter, we pride ourselves on always answering the phone (we mean always, call us right now and you'll get a real person). So you'll have the ease and convenience of working with helpful available associates and have confidence in knowing that we're backed by a global carrier, AIG.